Your support can save lives

The numbers speak for themselves



(19.3 Million)

people aged 18 or older had a substance use disorder (SUD)

2 in 5

(38.5% or 7.4M)

struggled with

illicit drug use

1 in 9

(11.5% or 2.2M)

struggled with

illicit drugs & alcohol use

3 in 4

(73.1% or 14.1M)

struggled with

alcohol use


(165.4 Million)

people aged 12 or older used a substance in the past month

Ace’s Place is staffed primarily by volunteers whose lives have been affected by addiction in some way.  We rely on community support to keep our mission alive and thriving.  100% of your contributions will go toward administrative costs and the costs to further our efforts.  We are committed to the growth of Ace’s Place, Inc. and to aid in the fight against addiction.

Your monetary donations will go directly toward:

resources & education

Resources & Education

We are dedicated to education on substance use disorders (SUD) and to providing resources to those suffering from SUD and the people who love them.  We are currently committed to providing resources specifically for the state of Maryland.  

Real Stories

Real Stories

Ace’s Place Inc will offer real stories of loss, hope, and healing right here on our website.  It is definitely time for change, and you can play a part in the Ace’s Place mission!  If you have a story to tell that you feel would benefit others, please share it with us.

Reducing The Stigma

Reducing the Stigma

It is our goal to reduce the stigma associated with substance use disorder, as it is our belief that stigma prevents those struggling with addiction and their families from reaching out for the help they need to heal.

Recovery Homes

Recovery Homes

We are working toward providing safe, secure, and supportive sober living/ recovery homes for those in recovery from substance use disorder. We believe that providing a holistic environment for our residents is the key to their success and will allow them to truly grow and rebuild their lives.  We plan to offer our residents counseling, legal consultation, resume and job skills, life and communication skills, Financial support & education, along with spiritual growth opportunities.  With this extra support from within our recovery homes, we believe this will allow the residents to really focus on their recovery.

Donate by mail

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