Ace’s Place was born after yet another mom experienced the unimaginable loss of her child to the disease of addiction.  Aaron Christopher, nicknamed Ace by his postpartum nurse, left a “headache” in the hearts of everyone who knew and loved him when he passed.  Ace’s mom, Cindy, started Ace’s Place with a mission to help other families in crisis and in hopes of preventing another loss.  

Aaron was not one of those “troubled teens”.  He was involved in church, 4-H, and sports.  His addiction to drugs was a direct result of an injury and an over-prescription by his doctors for over 8 years.  After his pain management center was shut down by the DEA, Aaron found himself struggling to find sobriety.  Just over a month after his 32nd birthday, he decided enough was enough and he wanted to go to rehab.  The day before his appointment to enter the rehab facility, he decided to use “one more time”.  That was his last. 

To read more of Aarons story please visit his story page.

Ace’s Place, Inc. is committed to helping anyone who is struggling with substance use disorder.  We aim to provide education and resources for those struggling, their family members and friends.  We hope to provide a community and a safe space to share your story, and to read others stories for inspiration.  Our mission is to provide recovery homes that focus on a holistic approach to recovery and healing.